Published On: January 9 , 2020Categories: Corporate

2020, a promising year

We are kicking it off with 33 confirmed congresses and conventions which will generate around 66,000 overnight stays in Valencia

Our schedule for 2020 continues to be highly international and will attract specialists in multidisciplinary fields.

Last year left us with milestones which will live long in our memories and excellent financial results that put the finishing touch to twelve months of hard and passionate work at the Valencia Conference Centre. International takeoff, a major economic and social impact for the city, spectacular growth in our operations… These and many more comments echoed around our building before the year ended. And the best thing is that they continue to do so, because… this year looks very promising!

Right now, we already have 33 conventions and congresses scheduled for 2020 which will generate a significant impact for the city at around 66,000 overnight stays. Not to mention the number of delegates from abroad, and we have only just started the year! This auspicious scenario is the outcome of our team’s amazing efforts and will bring new challenges. Without disrupting our operations, we are all set to replace the seating and carpets in our main auditoriums which will turn them into the perfect setting for hosting new events.

Medical congresses will once again be the core of our business, the largest being the International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases and the Spanish Family and Community Medicine Society Congress with 1,500 and 2,500 delegates, respectively. However, we will also welcome major events in other very diverse fields including DVB World 2020 on the technological revolution of digital television; the 6th International Conference on Food Oral Processing; The HR Congress on human resources; and BILT Europe which will look at digital technology applied to architecture.

These are just some of the outstanding congresses you can enjoy in our building this year. Want to see all the events lined up for 2020? You can here