We are turning 25 and we are ready for the next 25 years ahead. And although we cannot know for certain what the world will be like within the next 25 years, we do know what we would like it to be like. Because of this, on our 25th Anniversary, we are delighted that incredibly special people are transforming our voice to bring us their unique vision of the future and give much deserved visibility to individuals with functional diversity.


In order to rise to the challenge, we have collaborated with five associations that work day in and day out to make the world a more diverse and inclusive place. Asindown, Aspau, Bona Gent, Fevadis and Mira’m have all helped us to bring this together so that Adrián, Alejandra, Álvaro, Ana, Andrea, Ángela, Daniel, Elena, Francisco and Javiera can share their overflowing imagination with all of us.

Because the future belongs to everyone