Published On: November 22 , 2022Categories: Corporate

3, 2, 1… We have a new corporate video! What about you? How do you feel when you come to the Palacio de Congresos de València?

We present our corporate video where we continue to show all the #UnexpectedExperiences you can have at the Valencia Conference Centre. It’s an emotional piece that might just take you by surprise.



“I have learned that people will forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget what you made them feel”. Maya Angelou (American writer and poet) coined this phrase that has defined narrative and the way stories are currently constructed.

Indeed, it has been shown that, today, emotional communications are remembered up to 40% more than rational ones, as they tap into the part of the brain that humans are least able to control.


We are in the Age of Experience

In this new audiovisual presentation, you will see that every detail reflects who we are and how we have changed, innovating and adapting to the new society that surrounds us.

It is narrated in first person, with a familiar tone. We want you to be the true protagonists of the story, of your story. We want you to enjoy a unique, innovative and simple user experience. That is why our communication theme is: UNEXPECTED EXPERIENCES. These words define the personality of this audiovisual presentation, whose focus is on how we make you feel when you enter the Palacio and the experiences you can have in it.

Unexpected in its form, charismatic and a transmitter of emotions. This is the new video of the Palacio de Congresos de València which, through the voice of a charismatic woman, tells you what you need and how you can create unique experiences at our venue, your venue.


To hear and, without a doubt, to feel.

We want to become speechless to fill ourselves with experiences.

Palacio de Congresos de València.

Unexpected Experiences.