Published On: December 11 , 2019Categories: Corporate

A year ago we were all dressed up to…

Celebrate our 20th Anniversary Gala with our ambassadors

Here’s to many more years of success!  

A year ago we shared one of the best experiences and adventures we have ever had in our building. And the occasion called for it! In 2018 we turned 20. 20 years of thrills, enthusiasm, dreams come true and hard work which we just had to celebrate.

So the Valencia Conference Centre team in their finest outfits and our building, also decked out for the occasion, organised our 20th Anniversary Gala on 11 December last year.

Want to see the highlights of the event? Take a look here 

The building, the team… we had everything prepared by and for them, the evening’s real stars. From the moment we started planning it until the day it was held, this commemorative event had one purpose and one great thrill in store: to thank our community of ambassadors for the special work they do for the Centre and for Valencia.

Because it is thanks to them, who over these years have organised their main domestic and international events at the Valencia Conference Centre hand in hand with our team, that we have turned our building into one of the leaders in its field worldwide.

20 years, now 21, of stories experienced and told whose successes include the World’s Best Convention Centre award which the AIPC has given to us twice: in 2010 and then again in 2018, coinciding with our 20th anniversary.

Since we opened in 1998, we have hosted over 2,900 events attracting more than 2.2 million delegates to our city.

Would you like to raise a glass with us to these successes and others yet to come? Cheers!