Published On: October 7 , 2020Categories: Congress

AECOC chooses our building once again to hold its yearly congress

The congress was a face-to-face event, with strict safety measures

Let us tell you about the challenges the team faced

The Manufacturers’ and Distributors’ Association (AECOC) has once again chosen the Valencia Conference Centre to hold its yearly congress which, on this occasion, became a tribute to the fruit and vegetable industry for its key role during the COVID-19 crisis. This year, however, the event was different, unparalleled and totally unique. In addition to the demands of the event itself, there were also those brought on by the current circumstances, to which the team and the venue have adapted perfectly. One of the main challenges we faced during the event’s organisation was the coordination with AECOC’s COVID-19 Risk Management Committee, whose main function was to ensure the correct implementation of the safety measures protocol from the organisation and staging of the event to its conclusion.

AECOC has regularly chosen our building to hold one of its most important events for several years now. But we will never forget the 2020 congress. Neither will its General Manager, José María Bonmatí, who we interviewed during the event. 

This year we were faced with a common challenge: to be able to organise a face-to-face event, while ensuring the utmost safety for those attending. The result was a very satisfactory one. It is perfectly feasible to hold a face-to-face event, with the necessary safety measures in place, while maintaining a high level of safety in the conferences and in the encounters between the attendees.

We have known AECOC for many years. We know what their needs, virtues and way of working are. However, although there is a symbiosis between their team and ours, each congress is different, with objectives and demands that change over time.

For us, every event that is currently held in our building is a real challenge, which motivates us to keep moving forward, creating events to relaunch MICE tourism.

Let’s go for the next one!