Published On: February 21 , 2020Categories: Conferences

‘All the better to see you with’ will bring together 1,400 people from the education sector

This educational event is being held in our building for the second year in a row


Education today seeks to deliver excellence, be responsive and responsible to society and respect children’s times as well as their internal processes, needs, ideas and emotions. That just about sums up the content of the conference ‘All the better to see you with. Listening to teach’ which is to be hosted by La Pizarra Opositores at our Valence Conference Centre.

Over 1,400 people including teachers, students, trainers, counsellors, psychologists and parents will be able to share their views in the course of the six scheduled sessions: ‘The value of difference and difference as a value’, ‘The glitter effect in education’, ‘Educating without shouting’, ‘Look and listen, see and hear’, ‘Educating with Cs: capacities, competencies and compassion’, and the expert panel ‘Teaching practices for use in the classroom’.

The event’s aims include providing teachers with the key tools for education in the 21st century, discussing the idea of listening and the relationship systems this calls for, sharing new views on the challenge of educating in all its aspects, especially childhood and children, gaining greater insight into children’s rights and exploring new educational scenarios and methods.

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