Published On: July 4 , 2022Categories: Corporate

“At the Conference Centre I am the happiest person in the world”

Friendly, decisive, a good person, committed to her work... Due these qualities and many more, our colleague Luz is Personality of the Month

Luz is the head of the cleaning team and has worked in the Conference Centre since 1998

Every month, on the blog and the homepage of our website you will see a featured person, who we usually highlight due to their involvement with the Conference Centre and in particular for their human qualities. So far, in this section we have featured ambassadors, suppliers, organisations with which we have formed alliances, and staff members.

July, our anniversary month, is dedicated to one of the people who have been with us since the inauguration of the building in 1998. The Conference Centre team has the great honour of sharing their work with one of the most veteran employees of the organisation.

Luz is head of the cleaning team and is one of the people who is most committed to the environment. During events, she typically she coordinates a daily team of 8 men and women who maintain the building in perfect conditions, and she also ensures that the waste generated at each event is correctly disposed of at the waste recycling centre for its subsequent recycling. 24 years have passed since she began her work here . Almost a quarter of a century of experience and commitment to her work, with a team she feels proud to belong to and in a building which she herself describes as “unique” for “knowing not only how to evolve over time, but for managing to stand out as an innovative and technological advanced Conference Centre venue”

Luz spoke with the communications department and right at the beginning of the interview she gave us the title for this post “I’m the happiest person in the world at the Conference Centre”. She has a captivating personality, fully of happiness and energy. She is friendly and 100% dedicated the Conference Centre and those who work there. She is highly decisive, efficient and flexible in adapting to any task.

Luz this post is for you, for being you!