Published On: April 30 , 2021Categories: Corporate

Big events are back in our building!

After the 3,700 fans who attended Pablo López's concerts, we are now getting ready for the next big events!

Around 2,200 fans are expected to come and see Stay Homas whilst the 43rd UGT Confederal Congress will be bringing together around 1,000 attendees over a four-day period

3,700 fans in person? FIVE days of concerts? Yes, you heard right! What seemed like a pipe dream a few months ago is now a reality.

Mass in-person events have returned to our building! The first was the Pablo López concerts whose five days of performances with their spectacular stage design were close to perfection and were complemented by the enthusiasm of the Valencian fans who were delighted to be physically at a live music concert once again. “May one’s laughter not be another person’s tears.” With these words the singer addressed his fans to thank them for coming to the concert in times of pandemic. A phrase full of optimism that adds to the enthusiasm of the Valencia Conference Centre team to continue holding large-scale events. Thanks to the strict safety measures we have implemented in the building, these events are now possible.

And May promises to be a busy month!

The next big event on the horizon is the 10 Cinema Greats concert, which will bring together more than 1,000 people in our building on 7 May. The following day, Stay Homas, the band that became famous playing on the rooftop terrace of their apartment block in Barcelona a year ago in the strictest part of lockdown, and have since become very well known in Spain, will be performing a concert for up to 2,200 people.

From 17 to 20 May, our building will be hosting its first large-scale, four-day congress. Nearly a thousand participants are expected to attend the 43rd UGT Confederal Congress in person, amid strict protocols that will guarantee the safety of the team and the delegates.

And on 22 and 23 May, the FSO Tour 21 returns with two shows that will be attended by up to 2,200 people