4th APCE Workshop

Spanish Association of Convention Centres (APCE)

Number of attendees: 30

Client: Spanish Association of Convention Centres (APCE).

Event: IV Workshop APCE

Date: 4 and 5 March 2024

Days: 2 days

1. Challenge

The Spanish Association of Convention Centres (APCE) held its 4th APCE Workshop at the Valencia Conference Centre. The aim of this commercial activity was to inform companies and Professional Event Organisers about the different associated congress venues participating in the event, in order to generate value for APCE members and boost business acquisition. As such, the Valencia Conference Centre, as host, had to show off the charms of the venue and of Valencia as a destination, positioning it is an attractive option for future conferences.
Another of the challenges was to share knowledge and experience on matters related to sustainability, in order to make progress on adherence to the SDGs, with the focus placed on social inclusion and reducing food waste. This all took place in an immersive environment which offered a different experience.

2. Solution

To demonstrate the value of the Centre as a venue, a visit to the Valencia Conference Centre was organised, creating perfect spaces for networking and to exchange knowledge. Activities and visits to iconic places in the city were also included to generate an immersive experience in Valencian culture and traditions.
The event programme included a session on sustainable food in which the managing director of the Conference Centre, Sylvia Andrés, Jose Miguel Soriano, professor of nutrition at the Universitat de València (UV) and Corinna Heilmann, Business Development & International Relations of Gourmet Catering & Eventos (catering supply company for the Valencia Conference Centre) participated and explained the main conclusions of Proyecto MagNus, an initiative developed at CEMAS and the UV to minimise food waste in the business tourism sector.
Another highlight was the demonstration of one of the actions undertaken by the Valencia Conference Centre to raise awareness for the reduction of inequalities, with participation in the catering team from groups at risk of exclusion thanks to Gourmet Catering & Eventos. In this way, attendees were able to enjoy an unique dining experience in “La Mare Que Va”, the hospitality and tourism training centre for people with Down’s syndrome and intellectual impairment of the Fundación Asindown, which works with Gourmet.

3. Acomplished goals

The 4th APCE Workshop was a resounding success, managing to attract high participation numbers with the attendance of thirteen conference centres from all over Spain and key opinion leaders for major events.
The programme content, in addition to including work sessions, allowed participants to discover first-hand how the Centre contributed to the SDGs, driving environmental sustainability and reducing inequality.
Likewise, the social aspect of the event became a truly immersive experience as it coincided with the celebration of the month of Fallas in València. The guided tour of the city centre, the “esmorzaret” (Valencian snack) in the Central Market, a cooking demonstration with Mediterranean cuisines and the mascletá (pyrotechnical display) from the town hall balcony, allowed attendees to participate in Valencian traditions and culture.
Societies and Centres alike showed high levels of satisfaction. María Delgado Mompó, education manager of IVI RMA, stated: “I found the workshop very interesting and productive as it gave me the opportunity to meet with the heads of several conference centres at the same time and exchange ideas, proposals and needs”.
Daniel Escalona, marketing director of FEDELE, also noted: “Not only the quality of the activities put on by the Valencia Conference Centre, the event host, but also the personal and professional quality of the participants, made this event stand out. Through the workshops we discovered other spaces to host our events, both within Spain and internationally, and this will allow us to raise our quality standards by having greater knowledge of the sector and personal contact with those offering exhibition spaces.

4. Curiosities