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  • Published On: April 9 , 2024

    Spanish Association of Convention Centres (APCE)

  • Published On: February 21 , 2024

    The General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain (Consejo General de Colegios oficiales de Farmacéuticos or CGCOF) in collaboration with the Official College of Pharmacists of Valencia (Muy Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Farmacéuticos de Valencia or Micof).

  • Published On: June 7 , 2023

    Attendees: 1200 visitors Client:  EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR PAEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY SIOP Event: Conference Type: Medical Dates: 8 to 12 May 2023 Days: 4 days

  • Published On: March 20 , 2023

    Materials for Sustainable Development Conference

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    Antonio Bernabé - Director at VISIT VALÈNCIA The Valencia Conference Center has made a clear commitment to smart tourism, being a pioneer in digitization and sustainability, for example with the measurement of its carbon footprint. In fact, the III World Congress of Smart Destinations is going to measure its carbon footprint and compensate it

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    Franke Kuoni Tumlare - PCO of EAS 2022 We want to highlight the fact that the technical team that is working with us is one of the best we have ever dealt with. They are truly flexible in the way they work and that's what we appreciate in this kind of meeting

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    Nicolas Montet - Project manager of Kuoni Tumlare, OPC of EMDR 2022 The Conference Centre is flexible, it has all the facilities and it works to ensure the seamless, comprehensive development of the event.

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    Antonio Granell - Copresident del Comité Organitzador de Metabolomics 2022 The conference is a success in terms of both attendance and the decision to hold it at the Valencia Conference Centre, as it unites all the features necessary for this large size event.

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    María Jesús Vicent - President of the Organising Committee of the 13th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics The symposium is going brilliantly, people are really enjoying it, there’s a lot of scientific discussion, being face-to-face is completely different from what we have been experiencing in recent years with online events, and the atmosphere is very good. And, above all, the people are very happy with the Palacio de Congresos, the professionalism.

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    Rafael Vila - Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Spanish Congress of Digital Dentistry and New Technologies Our total commitment to the digitalisation of the sector means we're looking for iconic venues, themselves committed to digitalisation in their activity and events. That's why we saw a clear synergy in choosing the Valencia Conference Centre as our venue.