Recent news

  • Published On: March 21 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre is paying tribute to our environment with new interior decor

  • Published On: March 10 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre is one of the Valencian companies to have been awarded the SICTED Quality Tourism Label

  • Published On: February 10 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Center is becoming ever more innovative, now featuring ambient intelligence screens.

  • Published On: January 20 , 2023

    Dare to immerse yourself in the experience of all experiences

  • Published On: January 10 , 2023

    Valencia Conference Centre over the last seven years. From 2016 to 2022.

  • Published On: December 28 , 2022

    The Valencia Conference Center presents really good business figures, similar to 2019, one of the best years in our history.

  • Published On: December 13 , 2022

    Here's to continuing to work for a fully sustainable model in Valencia, European Green Capital 2024. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023.

  • Published On: November 22 , 2022

    We present our corporate video where we continue to show all the #UnexpectedExperiences you can have at the Valencia Conference Centre. It’s an emotional piece that might just take you by surprise.

  • Published On: November 4 , 2022

    The Lluís Alcanyís Foundation-Universitat de València (FLA-UV), the World Sustainable Urban Food Centre of Valencia (CEMAS), and the Valencia Conference Centre signed an agreement to promote food sustainability through the monitoring, dating, and assessment of food waste at the Valencia Conference Centre.

  • Published On: September 28 , 2022

    Improvements in IT network facilities, strengthening wireless connections and redesigning spaces are some of our new proposals from the Conference Centre