Recent news

  • Published On: July 18 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre will be the point of attraction for large conferences of significant international weight

  • Published On: June 27 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre has been a key driver in the economy and the cradle of urban transformation for one of Valencia’s main arteries.

  • Published On: June 9 , 2023

    Thanks to the necessary collaborations, a commemorative emblem has been issued for the 25th anniversary

  • Published On: June 5 , 2023

    Today marks one year since the launch of our Good Practice Guide.

  • Published On: March 21 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre is paying tribute to our environment with new interior decor

  • Published On: March 10 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre is one of the Valencian companies to have been awarded the SICTED Quality Tourism Label

  • Published On: February 10 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Center is becoming ever more innovative, now featuring ambient intelligence screens.

  • Published On: January 20 , 2023

    Dare to immerse yourself in the experience of all experiences

  • Published On: January 10 , 2023

    Valencia Conference Centre over the last seven years. From 2016 to 2022.

  • Published On: December 28 , 2022

    The Valencia Conference Center presents really good business figures, similar to 2019, one of the best years in our history.