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What is paramount when choosing a concert venue?

There are some factors which are common to all artists and groups that organisers take into account when choosing a venue as part of a tour.

There are some factors which are common to all artists and groups that organisers take into account when choosing a venue as part of a tour


  1. A good backdrop is essential

The auditorium is the window which showcases the production of the event. Singers often prefer a stage that is close to the audience, so they can engage with spectators in a way which is not possible in a large venue. This is why an auditorium, in addition to having good visibility, has to maintain the right balance between capacity and intimacy. In other words, it can offer large-scale productions that can add a theatrical touch to the event, but is also close to the audience.


  1. Superb sound and adjustable lighting

We must be able to hear and feel the show in the same way, irrespective of where we are in the auditorium. The sound should surround us and make us relive the show, even with our eyes closed. We must not forget that performances are often recorded to be broadcast at a later date. A quality sound system, such as the Line Array system, is designed to provide high fidelity at high frequencies, while also reducing distortion to a minimum. High quality LED technology also provides the most powerful and efficient stage lighting, in addition to bringing energy and maintenance savings, allowing for greater control and creating different atmospheres, thus giving each event its own uniqueness.


  1. A space for everything and expert staff

Having a space to install ticket offices or sell merchandising is a plus when it comes to generating more income and adapting to customer needs. The support of trained staff can speed up queues and minimise waiting times, contributing to the perfect experience.


  1. Streamlining the set-up process

Time is a valuable and limited resource, so it is essential to have elements that facilitate stowage tasks and make it easy to move all kinds of equipment, such as props. A large access area, with various types of loading bays, ramps and platforms adapted to different kinds of vehicles, with direct access to the stage, is vital to minimise set-up, loading and unloading times and therefore reduce pre- and post-event costs.


  1. Additional services

In addition to the spaces required for the concert, there are other aspects that facilitate the organisation of an event, such as having a single supplier at the venue that offers tailor-made services such as catering, signage and cloakrooms for the customer to use.



At the Valencia Conference Centre we look after these details and many more. Over 465,000 spectators who have enjoyed a show at our venue have already seen what we can do. Musicals such as Hoy no me puedo levantar and Mamma Mia, dance shows starring Sara Baras, Julio Bocca and Joaquín Cortés, classical music concerts, magic and comedy performances such as Les Luthiers, television programmes, as well as artists like Raphael, Manolo García, Bunbury, Ismael Serrano, Joan Manuel Serrat, The Waterboys and Michael Nyman, are just some of the 185-plus concerts and performances that have already taken place at the venue.


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