Published On: December 9 , 2021Categories: Corporate

Christmas is a time to listen

The return of face-to-face events, progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the architectural elements of the building are the main features of this year’s Christmas campaign

It’s time to make all your sustainable wishes to fill the year ahead

This year, we want to share one important wish with your: that our environment is better cared for, because the planet of the future is the one we are destroying today

Allow yourself to enjoy unique moments. To experience Christmas like the first time. Help us fill our time capsule with sustainable commitments and wishes here, to be opened in 2030.

This spruce will grow and grow to become a big Christmas tree. Valencia Conference Centre is looking to the Christmas holidays and next year with a firm proposal in mind: to continue to make progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We are currently engaged in many activities to contribute to the sustainable development of Valencia. We can highlight one in particular in which you are closely involved. And if you still hadn’t realised, we’d invite you to get involved now.

We also have created this big Christmas tree as a symbol of our increased activity and the return of face-to-face events.

We were inspired by the geometric shapes of our Norman Foster-designed building, by the architectural elements that offer so many possibilities for visitors to the Conference Centre to immerse themselves in the building, even before they enter it.

And so… ¡Happy 2022 and Happy 2030!