Published On: November 2 , 2022Categories: Congress

Design as a solution for environmental and social problems, the main topic of the Design Policy Conference

On the 3 - 4 November, our building will host this conference on design in international public policy

The Conference Centre has forged close ties with Valencia World Design Capital to promote València internationally


“The election of Valencia as world design capital 2022 by the World Design Organization has brought a word and a phenomenon to the table which is not always well understood in its entirety: design. The use of design to find and create new solutions for social or environmental problems, to better meet citizens’ needs and to imagine alternative strategies and futures.

Two months before the start of this event of international impact, we speak with the organization, who focus their discourse on one of the main aims of the conference.

“To try to respond to this question is precisely the aim of the World Design Policy Conference. To this end we will analyse the efforts and achievements of different governments and institutions worldwide to promote the use of design, but also fundamental aspects such specialised education, the spread of design culture, the role of design in the transformation of our cities and the challenges design faces in successfully tackling social and environmental issues”.

Our building has been chosen to host this conference, which will have international featured speakers such as Ezio Manzini, Brandon Gien and Alok Nandi, among other leading figures in the world of design. The European Commission and the New European Bauhaus will also be represented at the event in which the social importance of design will be highlighted before companies, organisations, and institutions.

The event is as a result of the alliance between Valencia World Design Capital and the Conference Centre, signed in 2021 as a collaboration agreement for the international promotion of the city.

During the World Design Policy Conference, a meeting of global experts shall be held in order to assess how design can enable and promote urban innovation and transition, showcasing different approaches to design and tackling social change by analysing other experiences in the incorporation of design in city policies.

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