Published On: May 10 , 2022Categories: Corporate

Dr. Mercedes Hurtado is our “Person of the Month”

Medical congresses account for approximately 70% of the total number of congresses held in the building.

Dr. Hurtado has been President of the Official Medical Association of Valencia since 2014

If you belong to the medical sector and would like to know the main reasons why many health professionals choose to hold their events at the Valencia Conference Centre, this is the post for you. 😉

We talked to the most senior representative of the medical sector in Valencia. Dr. Mercedes Hurtado is President of the Official Medical Association of Valencia and Head of the Ophthalmology Department at the Hospital Universitario de La Fe. And she is our “Person of the Month”.

Doctor Mercedes Hurtado talks to us about the city and our building. “Valencia is a wonderful city and that is undoubtedly the greatest attraction that the Conference Centre offers. It is set in a welcoming city, with a very pleasant climate almost all year round. If you add to this the magnificent building designed by Norman Foster, success is assured”.

“The Conference Centre not only impresses from the outside – it has been one of the city’s architectural landmarks since it was inaugurated in 1998. Inside it offers everything a company, society or institution could possibly need to hold its congress or event. And that is why the medical sector chooses the Conference Centre. Doctors from all over Spain and the world come to Valencia to meet and train, to learn and innovate. And they come with the conviction that they will be doing so in the best possible setting: the Conference Centre, and Valencia”

The team at the Valencia Conference Centre are specialists in meeting the needs of medical congresses. Their accumulated experience in these events provides a very broad vision of the needs that may arise in the competitive process of submitting applications for congresses and provides professional support at every stage of the process.

We also asked Dr. Hurtado about the importance of congresses in the medical sector at a time when face-to-face events have fully recovered.

“They are essential, they help us to share experiences on a theoretical level and to discuss practical cases which subsequently help us improve our patient care. In a profession that is so sensitive to technical and technological advances, where new discoveries are made every day, this type of meeting is crucial for each scientific society or medical group to keep up to date with each new discovery”.

“Doctors are always hungry for knowledge, for learning, and the collective spirit that springs from this type of event fosters this need. Moreover, these meetings encourage debate and the critical spirit of our profession – always, naturally, for the benefit of the most important people: the patients”.

It has been a pleasure to talk to Dr. Mercedes Hurtado and share her impressions of medical congresses with you. See you at the Valencia Conference Centre!