• Published On: September 28 , 2023

    On 3 October, the Valencia Conference Centre is set to host an international debate on urban policies to combat food wastage.

    The purpose of the event is to establish links and provide a space for dialogue for all those involved in the fight against food loss and waste

  • Published On: September 27 , 2023

    Why a conference centre in Valencia?

    “MICE tourism is a key part of the tourism industry".

  • Published On: September 19 , 2023

    The FSO returns to the Valencia Conference Centre with its new tour: Henk

    Film Symphony Orchestra presents its new tour, ¡HENKO!

  • Published On: September 8 , 2023

    The 28th International Congress For Battery Recycling 2023 draws to a successful close

    The International Congress for Battery Recycling 2023, which took place from 6 to 8 September at the Valencia Conference Centre, has come to an end.

  • Published On: September 5 , 2023


    Think in green, blue, red... We have them all

  • Published On: July 27 , 2023

    The great SEMERGEN congress returns for the second time to the Valencia Conference Centre

    The 45th National SEMERGEN Conference, which will welcome more than 4000 Family and Community Medicine experts, will be held at the Valencia Conference Centre from 18 to 21 October 2021.

  • Published On: July 18 , 2023

    Palace activity in 2023 is expected to be greater than that of the best year in the history of the Centre

    The Valencia Conference Centre will be the point of attraction for large conferences of significant international weight

  • Published On: June 27 , 2023

    Valencia Conference Centre celebrates 25 years.

    The Valencia Conference Centre has been a key driver in the economy and the cradle of urban transformation for one of Valencia’s main arteries.

  • Published On: June 18 , 2023

    Valencia Conference Centre strives for food sustainability at its events

    In the spirit of Sustainable Gastronomy Day, celebrated on 18 June, Valencia Conference Centre wants to highlight the impact of food waste

  • Published On: June 9 , 2023

    Valencia Conference Centre pays homage to diversity

    Thanks to the necessary collaborations, a commemorative emblem has been issued for the 25th anniversary

  • Published On: June 5 , 2023

    Valencia Conference Centre celebrates World Environment Day

    Today marks one year since the launch of our Good Practice Guide.

  • Published On: May 24 , 2023

    5 things you may not know about the Valencia Conference Centre

    Discover the 5 things you didn't know about the Valencia Conference Centre

  • Published On: May 8 , 2023

    More than 2000 specialists in Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology meet at the Valencia Conference Centre

    After its successful congress in 2009 at the Conference Centre, the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) is back for its big annual meeting.

  • Published On: April 20 , 2023

    The new Valencia Conference Centre Centre web series called Unexpected is quite entertaining

    The Valencia Conference Centre is premiering a new web series that will make you laugh and discover areas of the building you never knew about.

  • Published On: April 4 , 2023

    The congress activity at the Valencia Conference Centre in 2023 will attract around 90,000 overnight stays.

    As predicted at the end of last year, the Valencia Conference Centre kicks off the spring of 2023 with a strong start in terms of congress activity.

  • Published On: March 10 , 2023

    The Valencia Conference Centre receives the SICTED Quality Tourism Label

    The Valencia Conference Centre is one of the Valencian companies to have been awarded the SICTED Quality Tourism Label

  • Published On: March 1 , 2023

    A good year for Valencia

    Awards and events bear witness to the good year that awaits our city, Valencia

  • Published On: January 30 , 2023

    February and March will be key months in which you can enjoy six renowned concerts at the Valencia Conference Centre.

    Good music and a warm atmosphere accompany our conference schedule over the coming months.

  • Published On: March 14 , 2022

    Valencia Conference Centre Operations Area’s 5 Keys to a Successful Event

    ‘Building a team’ with organising companies is essential from the moment an event is closed right through to completion

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