Published On: March 9 , 2020Categories: Congress

This event’s challenges include how artificial intelligence is set to turn the insurance industry upside down

The 12th National Conference of Agents and Brokers is to bring together a thousand delegates from 50 countries

Digital transformation is one of the cornerstones of this international conference

Blockchain, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are the core challenges the insurance industry will be facing in the coming years. And it is these very issues which will be taking centre stage at the 12th National Conference of Agents and Brokers to be held at the Valencia Conference Centre.

This four-yearly event is the largest gathering of insurance brokers and agents in Spain and will run alongside the world conference organised by Copaprose, the Pan-American Confederation of Insurance Brokers, which in 2018 took place in Costa Rica.

Under the tagline ‘Change the game’ the conference planners have drawn up an innovative programme that will set out the framework for transforming insurance companies and meeting customer needs. At present, this is all about providing experiences and enhancing customer relationships.

The main new developments and current market trends will be showcased over the two days of the event along with technology-based brokerage success stories from around the world. The conference will additionally be exploring how the digital revolution is reshaping an industry whose main goals are to improve competitiveness and bring new experiences to customers. 

The bid to hold the event at our Conference Centre was submitted by the Valencia Professional Association of Insurance Brokers. It comes during a period when the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (WFII) is chaired by a Spaniard, Elena Jiménez de Andrade, for the first time in its history.

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