Published On: October 1 , 2018Categories: Conventions

Framesi celebrates its hairdressing convention at the Valencia Conference Centre

Over 1,000 stylists from 35 countries will be meeting at this world-famous hairdressing event

Over 1,000 stylists from 35 countries will be meeting at this world-famous hairdressing event

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Framesi, a world benchmark in hairdressing, is set to hold its 2018 International Congress at the Valencia Conference Centre on 2nd and 3rd October.

This event has already been hosted by other European cities in previous years, and now it is Valencia and its highly versatile Conference Centre, which will be taking over on this occasion. Given these precedents, it is clear that the event is a very important one. So much so that more than 1,000 hairdressers from 35 countries have confirmed they will be attending in order to take a look at some of the original ideas that will be setting the latest trends in hair fashion.

And to do just that, the Conference Centre offers its large versatile stage that will become an authentic fashion catwalk brought alive by a combination of light, colour and a beautifully designed stage setting.

The convention will take place over two days. On Tuesday 2nd October, some of the world’s best stylist groups, including HaiRevolution, Passion4Fashion and Mixart Diffusion, will be presenting the cuts, hairstyles and colours that will be trending next autumn-winter.

However, Framesi will not only be focusing on hair but also wants to showcase the latest fashion. So, on Wednesday 3rd October, Italian Style Framesi and Italian Style Energy will be presenting their new fashion collections to the general public.

The aim of this event is, above all, to inspire hair styling professionals. In other words, to bring them new ideas that will help them to develop their own creations, thus meeting Framesi’s core objective: to work for and towards the success of hairdressers.

On this occasion, the Italian Agency M3 srl and DMC RTA Group – INCOMING & EVENTS are in charge of organizing the gala’s local services. DMC RTA Group is a prestigious international company which is well known for the impact of its highly creative events.

If you would like to learn more about the 2018 International Congress of Framesi, you can visit its website.