Published On: November 25 , 2019Categories: Corporate

Here’s our most supportive side

Check out our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

Over the course of this year we have hosted these solidarity events

Thinking from the heart, planning a conference from the heart. The team at the Valencia Conference Centre goes even further in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and unlocks its most human and supportive side for NGOs, associations and other charities. It is an inclusive and rewarding undertaking that the entire team has enjoyed.

In 2019 we have provided the venue for a number of socially responsible non-profit events. The crowning moment in this case comes from the Valencia Surg For All association which prompted by our ambassador José Rubio, head of the Urology Department at the Valencia Oncology Institute Foundation (IVO), is to host the Solidarity Monologues in our building on 13 December. The proceeds will be used to improve the quality of surgical care in third world countries. You can buy tickets here.

The Valencia Conference Centre has also helped to raise €8,000 this year for the accommodation of more than 200 families who have had to travel some distance from where they live so that their children can receive medical care. It was all down to our ambassador and manager of Valencia’s Casa Ronald, Anabel Belén Díaz, who chose our Auditorium 1 to host the charity’s 2nd Charity Zarzuelas on 28 September at which over 150 supportive artists thrilled us and the 1,200 attendees with their music.

13,000 people signed up for the RunCáncer Circuit organised by the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) and €63,000 for cancer research projects. Once again and through our ambassador and AECC Valencia chair Tomás Trénor, we hosted the Runners’ Fair, the event where participants in the RunCáncer Circuit, Europe’s largest charity run and with a record number of entries this year, were able to pick up their bib numbers on 18-19 October to mark World Breast Cancer Day.

We also welcomed the 1st Valencian Region Congress for People with Cancer and their Relatives which brought together 1,100 people on 8-9 February with the aim of providing an all-round overview of cancer and the latest breakthroughs in research.

In addition, the Senegal Training Association, which runs projects to educate children and provide vocational training for young Africans, held its Senegal Training-Dancing with Africa Gala at our venue on 15 June under the auspices of Manuel Laguía, its secretary and our ambassador.