Published On: November 25 , 2019Categories: Shows

Knock, knock… Come on in through our magic door!

You’ll listen to cellos, travel to imperial St Petersburg and dance to the finest epic music from Game of Thrones

Want to discover Christmas’s most magical moments in our building?

There’ll be no need to chase a white rabbit carrying a pocket watch to experience magical moments and unforgettable adventures at the Valencia Conference Centre. All year round our building hosts conferences and delivers unique experiences to planners and attendees of major events mainly in the medical, technological, scientific and social sectors. However, at Christmas it is revamped to open its most magical doors.

Step into our building, now turned into a fantasy universe, and:


Savour the classic Christmas show for all audiences; Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. (26-27 December.)

With over 150 years of history behind it and directed by international dancer Nina Ananiashvili, the State Ballet of Georgia calls in at our Auditorium 1 with this classic ballet performance. Would you like to be one of the 3,000 people who will get to enjoy it?



Dance at the Hija de la Luna-Tribute to Mecano tour. (28 December.) Fancy reliving Mecano’s timeless hits? This concert is a tribute to the Spanish pop group 25 years after their last Aidalai Tour and features Robin Torres, who bears a striking physical and vocal resemblance to Ana Torroja.



Enter the Game of Thrones fantasy universe with the Game of Thrones & The Best Epic Film Music Live concert. (29 December.)

The Royal Film Concert Orchestra presents this live musical show featuring the soundtrack of Game of Thrones and other epic film music.



Step into a blockbuster concert. FSO Tour 2019. (3-4 January.) After the success of the concert on 22 November in our Auditorium 1, the FSO Tour 19 | 20 – The Best Film Music in Concert by the Film Symphony Orchestra (FSO) is coming back to our building.



Come and be thrilled by the Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of the Russian Army of St. Petersburg in Valencia (7 January). Over a hundred singers, dancers and musicians will be rocking their audience with rousing Russian folk songs including Black Eyes, Kalinka and Beyond the Danube. Vibrant choreography, acrobatics, stunning dance sequences and lots more; you just have to experience it!



Enjoy the Great New Year’s Concert performed by the renowned Strauss Festival Orchestra (8 January). An extraordinary show which has already been seen by over five million people is coming to our building with its famous popular tunes including the Napoleon March, Flower Festival Polka, Emperor Waltz, Champagne Polka, The Blue Danube and the Radetzky March.