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Leading-edge technology

The Conference Centre image , basedon orange and silver colouring, suggests two of its basic principles : orange for communication , contact with the centre´s people and users ; silver for technology, innovation and the use of leading - edge technological advances in...

The Conference Centre image , basedon orange and silver colouring, suggests two of its basic principles : orange for communication , contact with the centre´s people and users ; silver for technology, innovation and the use of leading – edge technological advances in its facilities and services . The task of making each event a unique event involves a variety of factors ; the Valencia Conference Centre has the necessary human and technical resources to achieve this. The well over seven ty events scheduled until 2009 rein force the image of the Norman Forster- designed building as a reference centre for hosting all kinds of events , conferences , conventions , works hops or artistic performances .

I TCs, an indispensible tool
The Conference Centre is aware that new Information and Communication Technologies are an indispensible tool to carry out the daily work of any 21st century professiona l and has, the refore , incorporated the latest technological advances , thus placing innovation and the new information and communication technologies at the service of all clients or ganising an event in the building. The building´s telephone , data and Internet service is equipped with the latest optic fibre network technology, which may be expanded and adapted to all events which so require it. On the other hand, a high – speed symmetrical line guarantees a high – performance Internet access service achieving a symmetrical 34-MB bandwhich is ideal for video streaming, video conferences , secure In ternet connection at the highest market speed etc . Thanks to these technological advancesit is possible , for instance , to follow an event taking place in Valencia from any where else in the world or obtaining instant graphic and audiovisual material on the event .
Multimedia building
The simultaneous use of more than one means of communication such as images , sound and text on information presentations is anim portant factor at the Centre . That is why the Centre invests heavily in the use of the latest multimedia technologies and is equipped with a wi derange of technical options: – All main/plenary halls have a control room equipped with a digital video mixing desk all owing the mixing of 8 complex video signals (video, DV D, VHS or other cameras) and the addition of transitions with digital effects , fades etc . Projections are made using 10 ,000 – lumen XGA projectors , with four lamps operating simultaneous lytoa void interruptions if one of them happens to fail.

Control is carried out by a digital XGA matrx and computer system which allows immediate changes in projection by means of the interconnection of 8 input and 8 output devices (central and side screens, lecturer support plasma screens, TFT control screen etc). – Additional halls have wi-fi technology video projectors which avoid cabling and allow presentations being made from any part of the hall . – Control rooms are equipped with a 512- channel Sun lite 2006 lighting software which enbles users to control both the fixed lighting devices and the latest generation silent mobile lighting robots (COEF 700 DVP model) operational through out the Centre from one single PC. – L atest generation professional DVCAM video camaras are used for the recording of any event . The Conference Centre is the on ly one in Spain owning a steady cam and AVID digital editing system for the production and copyrighting of all the required visual materials. – Recently purchased Duo Centrino portable and fixed computers all owing wi-fi connections and including all the necessary technical specifications for perfect multimedia operation .

The Conference Centre, a Wi-Fi space
Responding to the growing demand for multiple Internet access through a wide band technology enabling users to handle avast volume of information at great speed , the whole of the Conference Centre building has since 2003 been equipped with this innovative wi-fi Internet access technology, which is available from any hall , exhibition are a , meeting room , press room , office or even from the cafeteria . Any conference participant , exhibitor or visitor in the Centre will beable to send information or access the web from his/her lap top wi thoutprior application . This is an indispensible technical resource in a world where Internet has become anunquestion able communication and research tool . Besides , the Centre provide more than other venues of similar characteristics : the possibility to wi-fi connect clients computers to available projectors without any cabling required .

Multilingualism and technology
The variety of languages used in any one of the international conferences held each month at the Conference Centre has made simultaneous translation equipment and profssionals an indispensible resource for the devel opment of any event . The Conference Centre has digital fixed simultaneous translation units using infra – red systems , the latest technology as regards this type of equipment ; this enables it to cope with simultaneous translation into ten different languages . What ever its clients? requirements , the Conference Centre is in a position to providetail or- made technical services which allow for any possible combination using the very latest technological advances in the sector.