Published On: December 11 , 2020Categories: Corporate

Mainstreaming safety and sustainability into conference centres today

Our Managing Director, Sylvia Andrés, to take part in the XVII APCE National Congress

The main challenges facing meeting tourism in a time of pandemic under debate

It is a time of pandemic. This phrase, which is both accurate and powerful, is being bandied about in many circles and especially in the business tourism sector. What was initially a difficult goal to reach, is now possible. Today, the industry is more alive than ever thanks to safety measures, the special connection it has with customers and the technological readiness of conference centres. These are the main challenges facing conference centres today but they are not the only ones. Another major issue centres on how to integrate sustainability into today’s world?  

In the current scenario, every congress, convention and event is a huge challenge and this needs to be actively discussed and publicised. The Spanish Association of Conference Centres, which was founded 25 years ago and constitutes the backbone of the country’s conference centres, has taken this into account and has prepared an ambitious programme for its annual congress, which includes the participation of our Managing Director and member of the APCE Executive Committee, Sylvia Andrés, as well as the leading representatives of the country’s congress venues.

The XVII APCE Congress will be held from 16 to 18 December at the Europa Congress Palace in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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