Published On: October 7 , 2021Categories: Corporate

More new technology takes centre stage at the Conference Centre

We are introducing more and more cutting-edge audiovisual equipment to offer innovative experiences to our audiences.

Two state-of-the-art screens offer new options and guarantee comfort and convenience

Are you familiar with the words “entering another dimension”? This phrase used to sound like science fiction but now we hear it all the time in the acclaimed US series Stranger Things, whose storyline is based on discovering what’s in the “other reality”.

With our feet on the ground and grounded in reality, we are delighted to present the new projection screens we have acquired for Auditorium 3 and Breakout Room 1, in order to further drive innovation and the desire to imagine new opportunities to surprise our audiences and enhance the spectator experience at the Valencia Conference Centre. Thanks to these new screens, with their spectacular image projection and carefully designed visuals, our visitors will feel as though they are at the cinema. This new audiovisual equipment enhances the image of the venue as a technologically cutting-edge facility and helps to make the Conference Centre more competitive.

Thanks to these audiovisual upgrades, our building improves the size of image projection, offering greater comfort and achieving an optimum viewing experience from any point in the room. The new screen in Auditorium 3 now brings a projection area of 6 x 3 m, increasing the previous surface area by more than 60%, and enhancing the enjoyment and size of the images projected by the multi-layer video mixer. Breakout Room 1 has also been equipped with a new screen, which guarantees flexibility and rapid adaptation in the configuration of these spaces to any of our clients’ needs, also generating savings in the time required to set up the room for certain events.

From a technical point of view, the new systems are fully integrated into the roof structure, thus improving the visual appearance of the rooms and the overall look of the building.

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