Published On: April 4 , 2024Categories: Featured

New advanced LED screens for your events

The venues comprehensive digital transition project continues

As part of the comprehensive digital transition project and modernisation of the building, the Conference Centre offers three new latest-generation LED screens, in addition to the numerous digital signs it already has.

The major project for the building’s digitalisation is complemented by the installation of a 45 m2 LED screen on the main façade of the building. This display has a brightness level of 6,000 nits, ensuring excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. Due to its degree of protection (IP68), this LED screen can be used for over 100,000 hours of operation during its lifecycle and is adapted for use in extreme weather conditions. As well as being easy to maintain, in terms of energy efficiency, it can save up to 30% energy thanks to its optimal distribution of LEDs.

Two horizontal screens have also been placed in the main reception area of the Conference Centre.  These 10 m2 indoor displays have a high refresh rate and guarantee more than 100,000 hours of use. With a higher pixel count than Full HD resolution, they visibly stand out for their versatility to adapt to any need, offering a better viewing experience and greater event customisation.

These new audiovisual elements have been manufactured and installed in record time by Dahua Technology through our supplier company Ruybesa, being an addition to the different digital signage already in place, including the mobile totems and screens located in the exhibition area, the auditorium registration points and the entrances to the committee rooms and multi-purpose halls. A total of 59 different-sized screens can be remotely managed from any device (tablet, smartphone, PC…) thanks to the network connection with a server.

According to the Business Director of the Valencia Conference Centre, “this commitment to innovation, sustainability and digitisation of the building allows us to reduce costs and offer a unique experience to our customers. The installation of these new advanced features offers us more opportunities and visual impacts and, above all, embodies sustainability through increased energy efficiency and waste reduction”.

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