Published On: March 2 , 2020Categories: Corporate

Our building sparkles with LED technology

The Conference Centre steps up its commitment to the United Nations SDGs

The new lights lessen our environmental impact and make us more competitive.

LED technology is here to stay at the Valencia Conference Centre. We have completed the second phase of installing LED lights in our building in which we have changed the lighting in our outdoor canopy, exhibition area, multipurpose room 2 and north and south staircases. Switching to this smart lighting system had already begun in the first phase with the replacement of the stage lighting in the auditoriums. This fresh investment means 70% of the Centre’s lights are now LED and we plan to make that 100% in the immediate future.

Our strategy is founded on innovation and sustainability with a view to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our intention to step up our environmental investment drive. 40% of our investment is sustainable and is expected to lead to savings of approximately 1 million kWh in power usage in 2020.

This smart lighting system means we can control our lights point by point using an app from any device whether a mobile, tablet or PC. This delivers enhanced comfort for our delegates who are increasingly looking for sustainable experiences at events with the lowest environmental impact.

LED lights last longer and use less power so they significantly cut upkeep costs in replacing burnt-out bulbs, especially in high-up areas where aerial work platforms or complex building lift systems have to be leased. Plus the lights’ control and automation devices detect the entry of natural light to maintain the same general level of lighting in the area by automatically adjusting their brightness.

If you would like to find out more about this issue, please see this press release.