• Metabolomics 2022

    Antonio Granell - Copresident del Comité Organitzador de Metabolomics 2022 The conference is a success in terms of both attendance and the decision to hold it at the Valencia Conference Centre, as it unites all the features necessary for this large size event.

  • 13th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics

    María Jesús Vicent - President of the Organising Committee of the 13th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics The symposium is going brilliantly, people are really enjoying it, there’s a lot of scientific discussion, being face-to-face is completely different from what we have been experiencing in recent years with online events, and the atmosphere is very good. And, above all, the people are very happy with the Palacio de Congresos, the professionalism.

  • SOCE 2022

    Rafael Vila - Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Spanish Congress of Digital Dentistry and New Technologies Our total commitment to the digitalisation of the sector means we're looking for iconic venues, themselves committed to digitalisation in their activity and events. That's why we saw a clear synergy in choosing the Valencia Conference Centre as our venue.


    The main advantages of staging this in-person conference was the sheer volume of attendees, who probably may not have participated at such levels if it had been online, and, above all, the personal interaction we achieved. This is the only way to establish great personal relationships at the professional and scientific level, as we are seeing at this event.


    Our relationship with the Valencia Conference Centre team is excellent and the fact that we are back here with a new event is the proof that we consider them as one of the best convention teams in Europe.

  • 43rd UGT Confederal Congress

    The experience at the Valencia Conference Center is extraordinary. And best of all, most importantly, it is also in pandemic and with restrictions. For us it is extremely exciting that we are the engine that restarts after the long process of inactivity in mass events.

  • Sustainable, Safe and Healthy Valencia

    We have to be a safe city and that means events like this. That we have the ability to adapt our offer to the preventive measures that are necessary to be able to continue working, that this does not stop anymore. And then we have, we must and we are already a sustainable destination.

  • 35th AECOC Consumer Congress

    This is the congress of the year for the industry and highlights the sector’s enormous determination to move forward. The Conference Centre has a number of features that are very important to us: it has many access points, is easy to get to, has great infrastructure, is very simple to manage and makes contact with people easier, which for us is an essential part of our congress. We have had amazing numbers of delegates participating via streaming systems. Normally, about 1,200 people come to the event but this year we have had over 3,000 delegates.

  • 22nd AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress

    It is perfectly feasible to hold a face-to-face event, with the necessary safety measures in place, while maintaining a high level of safety in the conferences and in the encounters between the attendees?