• The delegates are very impressed with the facilities and many will be returning to Valencia on holiday. They thought the city was amazing.

    Begoña Giner

    Professor of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University of Valencia, and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the EAA Congress

  • I would like to thank you and express my appreciation, as well as that of all the Governments involved and the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank, for your superb hosting of our annual Assembly, which was being held outside Africa for the first time.

    Omar Kabbaj

    Chairman of the African Development Bank

  • Our goal is to improve the professional skills of specialists who have to deal with these pathologies every day, and we have chosen topics and experts in them from both Spain and abroad. Communication and skills recycling are always crucial and the place where you update your knowledge needs to be an inviting setting that makes these exchanges possible.

    Dra. Mª José López García

    Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Valencia, Specialist in Child Endocrinology, Chair of the Organising Committee for the Spanish Society of Paediatric Endocrinology Congress

  • After five congresses and 17,000 people I can confirm that there are few venues which provide such personalised services for dealing with the problems that come up with this type of congress.

    Jordi Matías-Guiu

    Manager of the Spanish Neurology Society

  • Valencia has many different qualities for hosting a congress for orthopaedic surgeons. Firstly, it has a historical orthopaedic tradition well known to our older colleagues. Secondly, it has a venue (the Conference Centre) where we can hold our congress with sufficient room and comfort for all. The facilities near the Centre more than meet our needs and lastly the weather is good almost all year [...]

    Dr. Julio Ribes Iborra

    Chair of the Organising Committee for the 52nd National Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Congress

  • Our attendees have given us some very positive feedback about the Congress and I think a lot of that is down to the work you at the Conference Centre put in. Thank you so much for everything.

    Babette Schmidt

    Global Conference Support Congress of the EfCCNa (European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations

  • There is no doubt in my mind about the Conference Centre’s contribution to winning events like the IHC for Valencia. The building is unquestionably one of the factors that help us sell the city as a conference destination.

    Dr. José Miguel Láinez

    Chairman and Professor. Department of Neurology. University Clinic Hospital. Catholic University of Valencia. Co-chair of the 17th International Headache Congress

  • During the ICCA European Client / Supplier Business Workshop it was a pleasure to work with its highly qualified and accessible staff, who always keep one step ahead to meet the customer’s requirements and needs at all times. Everything from organising the event to holding it, the staff, the venue and the destination exceeded my expectations.

    Claire Jackson

    Project Manager Membership Services ICCA

  • The Conference Centre is the flagship for our events. In addition to having excellent facilities, we have been treated extremely well by the team that works here.

    Carlos Simón

    Baylor College of Medicine (Houston), Stanford University School of Medicine, Scientific Director of Igenomix and organiser of the 2017 International Conference on Preimplantation Genetics

  • We’re really very pleased with the outcome of the Congress. It’s an ideal Centre, very modern, so our Congress has fitted in perfectly. The fact that the exhibition area runs right along the auditoriums makes it easy to change rooms and interact with colleagues at the Congress.

    Fernando Morcillo

    Chair of the Spanish Water and Wastewater Association (AEAS) (35th AEAS National Congress)

  • 3 capital recognitions that our city will receive this yea

  • Intended for public and private institutions and de public at large

  • The Conference Centre includes a new outdoor area to deliver an even richer experience

  • Will you join us on this 2021 tour?

  • The upturn in activity this year has been the key to this recognition

  • We’ve asked 2022 for many things, many wishes, and these include the desire to see our building full of live music and shows, making us one of the foremost proponents of art and culture in our city, Valencia. Which is why we’re going to tell you today about all the cultural and musical experiences that are available to you at the Conference Centre during January [...]

  • The return of face-to-face events, progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the architectural elements of the building are the main features of this year’s Christmas campaign

  • In a single year, or colleague from the marketing department has attended to the request of almost one hundred events.

  • Human interaction in face-to face events is, once more, one of the top priorities of professional congress organisers.

  • Our spaces play host to several stage shows and live music. Masterpieces and great staging that will make the visiting public vibrate in unison with the music. Which is why today we’d like to tell you all about the shows you can experience at the Conference Centre of Valencia over the following months.