• There is no doubt in my mind about the Conference Centre’s contribution to winning events like the IHC for Valencia. The building is unquestionably one of the factors that help us sell the city as a conference destination.

    Dr. José Miguel Láinez

    Chairman and Professor. Department of Neurology. University Clinic Hospital. Catholic University of Valencia. Co-chair of the 17th International Headache Congress

  • During the ICCA European Client / Supplier Business Workshop it was a pleasure to work with its highly qualified and accessible staff, who always keep one step ahead to meet the customer’s requirements and needs at all times. Everything from organising the event to holding it, the staff, the venue and the destination exceeded my expectations.

    Claire Jackson

    Project Manager Membership Services ICCA

  • The Conference Centre is the flagship for our events. In addition to having excellent facilities, we have been treated extremely well by the team that works here.

    Carlos Simón

    Baylor College of Medicine (Houston), Stanford University School of Medicine, Scientific Director of Igenomix and organiser of the 2017 International Conference on Preimplantation Genetics

  • We’re really very pleased with the outcome of the Congress. It’s an ideal Centre, very modern, so our Congress has fitted in perfectly. The fact that the exhibition area runs right along the auditoriums makes it easy to change rooms and interact with colleagues at the Congress.

    Fernando Morcillo

    Chair of the Spanish Water and Wastewater Association (AEAS) (35th AEAS National Congress)

  • As a building it is stunning and as a venue, as acoustics, we think it’s first-rate. The acoustics mean we can really gauge the audience’s reaction; you can hear the laughter, you can hear the applause a lot more.

    Les Luthiers

    Argentine comedians group

  • It’s not just that our expectations have been met, but rather that the creativity, affability and cooperation of all the staff is so nice that even before we’ve started it’s sad to know it will end. The atmosphere is accessible, warm and engaging.

    Vicente Domingo

    Valencia World Food Capital 2017 Commissioner

  • His name is Cashu. And he is actually a social robot

  • The congress is expected to bring together 400 experts, town planners, researchers and businesspeople

  • The main topics at this face-to-face congress include new advances in hereditary cancer, bioinformatics and digital health.

  • The 4th National CFO Congress discusses the new financial environment that has emerged during the pandemic

  • José Manuel tells us how the food was prepared for the first international event since the pandemic broke out

  • Would you like to join our anniversary celebrations by making a wish? And what if we told you we were going to put it in a time capsule?

  • Sustainability is a cornerstone of the congress venue's strategy

  • Our building is hosting a number of international events

  • The ‘Personality of the Month’ is a portrait of our team, customers and suppliers

  • Our venue hosts V5G DAY