• It is proving to be a satisfactory experience - not just because of the upgraded facilities, but also because of the audio-visual media

    José Alfonso Antonino Daviu

    Co-chairman of #ICEM2022

  • Our experience at the Palacio de Congresos has been very positive and we're very happy with all the facilities on offer. The seats were very comfortable, and the rooms and technical services support very well suited to the event

    Flavia Indrio

    President of the International Society of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Postbiotics in Pediatrics

  • The professionalism of the team, the audiovisual equipment and technical support skills. We're all very satisfied. And we're leaving with a very positive impression

    Luis Motes

    Director of DoyouMedia, PCO of #CNV2022

  • It was a great success, with more than 800 participants. Holding it at the Conference Centre has been a success because this space has all the features necessary for this type of large-scale event

    Antonio Granell

    Co-Chair of the METABOLOMICS 2022 Organising Committee

  • People are very happy with the Conference Centre and the professionalism. Everything is working perfectly, some of our attendees are online, even some speakers, and there has not been any problems. Everything has worked very well; the food is delicious so I highly recommend that people go out and do things here because it is worth it.

    María Jesús Vicent

    Chair of the ISPT Conference Organising Committee

  • Transport connections and the city itself are excellent. Its climate, its food culture, and its light. The Conference Centre is a light and airy eco-sustainable space.

    Luis Ramos

    President of the Spanish Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

  • With the Conference Centre we have had a lot of leeway due to the changes of dates (due to the pandemic, the event was postponed) and we have worked very well with their team.

    Jorge Benítez

    President of the València Insurance Mediators' Association

  • We are enjoying the magnificent city and, after two years, the professional contact in this in-person meeting

    Javier Barberá

    President of the General Council of Insurance Mediators' Associations of Spain

  • We chose the València Conference Centre because it is an icon of city and thanks to its presentation, we were successful in its bid. We were impressed by the modernisation of the audio-visual systems

    Gaspar Pérez

    President of the organising committee for the 13th Symposium of the Spanish Society of Microbiota, Probiotics and Prebiotics

  • We have moved to the València Conference Centre, which for us brings together what is key: the environment, the context of the building and its facilities, which are magnificent; it has the technology and resources, and the key element for all of these - the people.

    Carmen Serrano

    General Coordinator of AINIA Training-Meeting Pack 2022

  • In the spirit of Sustainable Gastronomy Day, celebrated on 18 June, Valencia Conference Centre wants to highlight the impact of food waste

  • Thanks to the necessary collaborations, a commemorative emblem has been issued for the 25th anniversary

  • Today marks one year since the launch of our Good Practice Guide.

  • The Valencia Conference Centre is hosting the 37th Congress of the Spanish Spinal Column Society

  • Discover the 5 things you didn't know about the Valencia Conference Centre

  • The Spanish Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (SENPE) holds its 38th congress on 24 to 26 May in the Valencia Conference Centre

  • After its successful congress in 2009 at the Conference Centre, the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) is back for its big annual meeting.

  • The dates of the conference will be 4 to 6 May 2023.

  • The Valencia Conference Centre is premiering a new web series that will make you laugh and discover areas of the building you never knew about.

  • As predicted at the end of last year, the Valencia Conference Centre kicks off the spring of 2023 with a strong start in terms of congress activity.