Published On: January 16 , 2020Categories: Corporate

Our building, a world of experiences

Our customers’ share their valuable testimonials after their visit to our venue

They talk about technology, food, the building, the team and Valencia

 Everywhere we look, there they are. From outside the Valencia Conference Centre. Inside it. Upwards and sideways. On the windows of our exhibition area, the cafeteria and Multipurpose Room 1. On the LED screens positioned all around the building. Our customers’ experiences are no longer just fresh in the memories of our team as we are now sharing them with everyone. They are a true reflection of what they have seen here.

Conference planners and ambassadors have not only chosen us to host their major conferences and events of the year and in recent times. They have also found a gap in their busy schedules to give us their testimonials during the start-up of their conference or event at our venue.

And they’ve told us in particular about the ‘extraordinary coordination and involvement’ of our team right from the beginning of the bid to the end of the conference; about the building, whose versatile facilities, now featuring a greater number of break-out rooms, have more than lived up to their expectations; about the food geared towards local produce, sustainability and providing a thrill for delegates from Spain and abroad through cuisine; and about how our cutting-edge technology has impressed them during the staging and running of their conferences.

And, of course, the place. Valencia leaves its mark and in their testimonials they have been overflowing in their praise for the city.

We encourage you to post your comments in our building with the hashtag #AmbassadorTalks. You can also do it on social media.

Plus you can see what ambassadors and customers are saying about us on our website