Published On: May 6 , 2022Categories: Corporate

Prepare all your senses to discover new technologies

Look, listen, feel...Enrich your experience at the Conference Centre through innovation and technology

Take a seat, get comfortable and… Go!
Reinforce our premises’ image as a technologically cutting-edge building and continue contributing to raising events organisation companies and their clients’ levels of satisfaction. This is one of our main aims. Thanks to the acquisition of cutting-edge technology, València Conference Centre offers these innovations to you for your event. Will you join us on this technological tour?

Enter another dimension and look

Complementing the main screen of our Auditoriums 1 and 2, we offer the possibility of using other modular LED screens of 5×1.5 metres. In this way, the prominence of images and messages is also transferred to these screens that dynamically enhance the brand image of not only the organiser but also the sponsors. Offering these screens along with new lighting technology to symposia at an event makes it easy to customise the room’s décor before the speaker has even reached the lectern.

And your event can be further enlivened with Catchbox wireless microphones! Try throwing them. They are unbreakable!

New streaming technology and remote participation allow any room in the building to be accessed without any significant lag.

Through the Via Connect system you can wirelessly connect via Wi-Fi to the projector in any room from any of your mobile devices, and the connection can be shared with several speakers at once.

Our range of services also includes high definition PTZ cameras that save space and time while providing high-quality images.

Look, but also listen and speak with maximum sound quality.

With the Poly hands-free smart speakerphone-microphone, you can have another innovative experience in small meeting rooms where sound is not included.

And we still have more to tell you.

Among the technological innovations, you can also count on our 65” Flip board, a digital flip chart whose connectivity offers a collaborative, simple and fully synchronised experience. Personal devices can be connected to the screen and display, take notes, and share content interactively.