Published On: December 5 , 2018|

The Conference Centre hosts the presentation of the ONCE lottery ticket dedicated to its 20 th Anniversary

The Conference Centre hosted a ‘blind breakfast' in which the ONCE (the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind) presented the lottery ticket that will commemorate the venue's 20th Anniversary

The Conference Centre hosted a ‘blind breakfast’ in which the ONCE (the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind) presented the lottery ticket that will commemorate the venue’s 20th Anniversary.

During the event, the Councillor for Sustainable Economic Development, Sandra Gómez, thanked the organisation for having given the venue “visibility in something as simple as the purchase of a daily lottery ticket” and highlighted the “work towards social inclusion that it does, especially in the labour market”.

 The Conference Centre’s 20th Anniversary gala will be held on 11th December and five and a half million lottery tickets with a picture of the Conference Centre on them will be sold throughout Spain. At the ‘blind breakfast’ held this morning to present the lottery ticket, the attendees were put in the shoes of blind people. They included the Councillor Sandra Gómez, who praised the work of the Organisation for the Blind “not only in the city of Valencia and in the Valencian Region, but in Spain as a whole, where it works hard to integrate people who will always find it harder to get a job”.

 The Councillor stated that “this goes hand in hand with the shift in paradigm we have undertaken at the Conference Centre, where the new government has begun to work with organisations that have a strong social impact on our city, and accordingly, should be given a voice”. The event is framed in “the line of CSR actions that are essential at the Conference Centre, and especially since the venue is a public agency that belongs to the Valencia City Council”. To this end, Gómez explained that in July “we gave the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE) the use of the venue to celebrate its anniversary.” Thus, “the bridges we are building bring mutual benefit to the two organisations, as it also publicises the work we do at the Centre.”

 The Conference Centre’s Managing Director, Sylvia Andrés Guilló, and the ONCE Director for the Valencian Region, José Manuel Pichel, also attended the ‘blind breakfast’. According to Sylvia Andrés, “the traditional ONCE lottery ticket, the best social product in the world, is a tool to publicise the image of the world’s best convention centre”. She also added that, “CSR is one of the key elements in the Valencia Conference Centre’s activities.” The Centre’s Managing Director explained that “thanks to the new policy based on promoting cooperation agreements with charity organisations such as the ONCE, the facility has strengthened its commitment to charitable causes, actively contributing to increasing society’s sensitivity to these causes”.