Published On: February 13 , 2024|

The Valencia Conference Centre has expanded its catering team to include individuals with Down’s syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

The municipal authority is making progress towards inclusion through collaboration with Asindown Valencia and Gourmet Catering & Events.

The Valencia Conference Centre has achieved a significant milestone by including people with Down’s syndrome and intellectual disabilities in their event catering service. This action shows that the Conference Centre team is inclusive and aligned with the Conference Centre’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly goal 10, which aims to reduce inequalities.

Thanks to an excellent collaboration between Gourmet Catering & Events, the company with which the Conference Centre has renewed the catering service, and Asindown Valencia, the foundation that established La Mare Que Va, the Valencia Conference Centre will now have the support of people with intellectual disabilities in one of the key services for event celebrations: catering.


A training session was held at the Conference Centre to promote social and occupational inclusion for this group. The Valencia Tourism Centre provided training to eight users of the Asindown Valencia programme, along with two trainers. The training aimed to familiarise

them with the building’s various spaces and provide real-life practice, such as assembling tables for gala events.


According to Paula Llobet, who is the chair of the Conference Centre Board of Directors and Valencia City Councillor for Tourism, “there is a strong commitment to social inclusion and the promotion of diversity in Valencia. The Conference Centre is a reference model for sustainable tourism, which is one of the main drivers of the local economy. Actions like this can raise public awareness and encourage us to continue working towards achieving a more open city. This can be done by promoting policies that reduce inequality and improve the welfare of residents.”


Since 2003, the Conference Centre has exclusively worked with Gourmet Catering & Events. The public organisation has recently re-established its relationship with the company, which won the last catering tender. The offer includes support for integrating disadvantaged groups into the labour market, offering local and seasonal products, and minimising food waste. The contract will be in force for two years, extendable for a further three years, and aims to ensure continuous improvement of the municipal body’s catering service. It also aims to implement initiatives in line with new trends and the needs of meeting tourism.