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Things to do in Valencia with kids

Holding a conference in Valencia gives you the chance to discover a city which has centuries of history and lots of appealing activities

Holding a conference in Valencia gives you the chance to discover a city which has centuries of history and lots of appealing activities.

Although event programmes don’t leave much time for enjoying it, you can always come back as a family and make the most of the city’s wide range of options. Here at the Conference Centre we’ve drawn up a brief list of must-dos for families.

City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences is a complex which hosts the Oceanogràfic, the largest oceanarium in Europe. It is also home to the Hemisfèric digital 3D cinema, the Umbracle viewpoint, the interactive Science Museum, the Queen Sofia Arts Centre and the Ágora events facility.


This zoo or animal park gives you the chance to see animals from around the world as if you were in their original habitat with no visible barriers to interrupt your view. It recreates far-away places inhabited by species in danger of extinction, in Valencia.

 Strolling along the River Turia

The former riverbed of the River Turia is now an urban park which is ideal for sports lovers and also for people looking to enjoy a trail whose impressive cultural, environmental and recreational options make it very special.

The Cabecera Park stands on the historic riverbed as a continuation of the green belt of the garden bearing the same name and features stunning views and a lake. The riverbed also has a 70-metre-long sculpture of Gulliver which is a play area featuring slides, ramps and steps where kids will have a great time, even though they look tiny next to the sleeping giant!

Fabulous gardens and hallmark buildings line the entire route of the Turia. They provide a new way of seeing the city which enables you to discover Valencia’s enormous wealth of heritage and nature sites through its river and its history.

Viveros Gardens

These large gardens feature swings and an esplanade where activities for kids are run all year round. Their history, cultural, ecological and landscape value, size and their diversity of species make them into Valencia’s most iconic green area.


Visit landmark buildings such as the Serranos Towers, the Quart Towers, the Cervelló Palace and the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace as a family to explore the homes of famous people from centuries past and the city’s unique constructions.

Plus you just can’t miss the archaeological remains housed by the Almoïna Museum, the Mudejar-style building called Baños del Almirante and Saint Nicholas’ Church with its impressive Baroque decoration.

These are just some of the most outstanding places to visit as a family, but Valencia has lots more for you to discover.