Published On: January 18 , 2021Categories: Corporate

Thanks to the success of the recent face-to-face and hybrid events, we are optimistic about 2021

We turned the 35th AECOC Consumer Congress into a success story

We tell you how!

At times like these, when uncertainty seems to be taking over everything, the team at the Valencia Conference Centre, which has maintained its enthusiasm and optimism since the onset of the pandemic, takes stock of the latest events held in our building and has turned them into success stories, because yes, it can be done! This encourages us to tackle 2021 head on.

Large-scale congresses are still being held and with excellent results, such as the 35th AECOC Consumer Congress, which brought together 250 attendees on site and the remaining 3,000 participants online. What was the key?

SAFETY. The Conference Centre and AECOC activated stringent safety protocols that were audited at all stages to ensure they worked without a hitch.

Firstly, a comprehensive risk assessment was carried out before the event and the congress was designed so it complied with requirements.

Once the initial phase of the protocol had been completed, we provided the specific Conference Centre facilities (rooms and spaces) that enabled us to guarantee the permitted capacity, safety distance and an air-conditioning system that featured maximum external ventilation in the rooms, among other safety measures.

Subsequently, the information systems, signage and posters were set up to ensure correct compliance with the measures and all the protocols implemented in each phase were supervised by an auditor.

And yes, it worked.  

Our building became the stage for the country’s main business leaders and prestigious speakers, such as the Chairman of the Spanish Confederation of Employers and Industries (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi; the Chief Executive Officer of Danone, Emmanuel Faber; the VP Country Manager for Amazon in Spain and Italy, Mariangela Marseglia; the Chairman of the ElBullifoundation, Ferran Adrià; the Chairman of the Spanish Hospitality Confederation, José Luis Yzuel; the Director of Heineken Management China, Richard Weissend; and the leading coach Toni Nadal.

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