Published On: March 20 , 2023Categories: Congress, Innovación, Technology, Valencia Conference Centre

The AISTATS Conference is coming to the Valencia Conference Centre

The conference is coming to Spain for the second time after 25 editions.

AISTATS is the scientific conference that deals with topics relating to artificial intelligence, machine learning and the statistical methods they use.

The event will be held from 25 to 27 April, bringing in over 700 international researchers of all levels (from PhD students to university professors and researchers with years of experience in the private sector) in the academic and business sectors. AISTATS is one of the biggest international conferences in the field, bringing together the best universities and leading technology companies in the world every year. It will also bring over 1,600 overnight stays to the city of Valencia, an ideal figure, meaning that everyone can enjoy and help boost the city’s economy.

Since its beginnings, AISTATS has always supported research in statistical methods for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence now has a much greater presence in the media, but we need to remember that this progress was all thanks to the collective work of hundreds or even thousands of researchers over the years and sharing ideas at conferences (and of course, the public and private investment which made them possible), says Francisco Ruiz, Chair of the Conference and research scientist in the DeepMind Deep Learning department.

AISTATS will also offer two “mentoring” events. These will include talks and panel discussions about topics related to this scientific area, such as career guidance, public speaking and improving article writing skills. There will also be the  LatinX in AI online panel, a social event that connects researchers from Latin-America to help boost their visibility in a field that has traditionally been dominated by researchers from China, United States and Germany.



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