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The European Embolotherapy Congress returns to the Valencia Conference Centre this year

The congress, which was held here for the first time in 2019, will take place here again this year.

The European Conference on Embolotherapy – ET2023, a congress dedicated exclusively to embolisation treatments, is taking place from June 21 to 24 and is expected to be attended by some 700 health professionals from all over the world. This event, which was first held in 2019 at the Valencia Conference Centre, is aimed at interventional radiologists who, through the introduction of microparticles, coils, plugs or liquids, can treat various diseases in a minimally invasive way.

Embolotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, from uterine fibroids to vascular malformations, trauma and postpartum haemorrhages. This technique is also becoming increasingly important in the treatment of cancer, as it can cut off the blood supply to tumours and at the same time administer chemotherapy or radiotherapy in a localised manner.

As embolotherapy is becoming increasingly important within interventional radiology, this conference will provide interventional radiologists from all over the world with a platform to discuss clinical practice and share procedural tips and tricks and the latest data in this field in a very specific way.

The organisers of this event have emphasised that, “cooperation with the Valencia Conference Centre is excellent. The team has been very responsive to our needs and willing to make adjustments when necessary. Having held the first conference, ET 2019, at this venue, we know it is a fantastic facility for a congress of this size. The architecture is perfect for providing a great experience for our attendees, from the state-of-the-art auditoriums to the light-filled corridors and the pleasant outdoor area where participants can take a break between sessions.” As for the city of Valencia, they add that, “its charm and location make it a great destination, and its academic community is remarkable” and they look forward to further expanding the range of direct international flights in the future.

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