Published On: February 10 , 2023Categories: Corporate


The Valencia Conference Center is becoming ever more innovative, now featuring ambient intelligence screens.

The Valencia Conference Center is now one of the technologically advanced buildings in Valencia to have integrated ambient intelligence in its facilities.

And you may be wondering what ‘ambient intelligence’ is. Well, it consists of creating spaces or environments in which people can interact to satisfy a need while concealing the technology; in short, it is a unique and different way of displaying content.

What have we installed?

At the Conference Center we have installed five 98-inch Smart Glass Frames in our Committee Rooms. The Smart Glass Frames, give depth to the image and catch the attention of everyone attending the presentations. These innovative panels break away from the norm and give the impression that the new displays are part of the wall of the room. The high 4K resolution makes the screen visible throughout the room and the high degree of sharpness provides a flawless image. In addition, in the case of the Smart Glass Frames, we have inserted the backlit logo of the Valencia Conference Center, making the surface fully customised.

But the innovation does not stop there; we have also installed 14 50-inch screens as digital information displays. These screens, called Smart Frames, also with 4K resolution, are fully adapted to the decor of the Conference Center, the edge of the screens being white to provide a simple and timeless appearance in line with the essence of the Conference Center. These screens are installed in the antechamber of the committee rooms and parallel halls and can be customised by means of dynamic and looping images. Moreover, next to these screens, we have installed other 24-inch screens which identify the hall and its capacity.

Another major new feature of the Conference Center are the 8 new mobile totems installed in the foyer. Four of these are high brightness (more than 4000 nits) to display information at long distances and attract attention with eye-catching content. The other four are also touch-enabled, and this new, high-performance and long-lasting technology provides a better user experience because it allows the browsing of adapted multimedia content or the display of digital posters while minimising the use of paper.

In Auditoriums 1 and 2, the traditional signage has also been replaced by two large horizontal screens installed above the registration points, measuring 18 and 9 m2 respectively. These screens are fully customisable and can display infographics or dynamic images that provide information and personalise the event even further in a more innovative and futuristic environment.

All these electronic devices are connected via special software. This online platform makes it possible to control all the screens from the same server and thus unify them, making it easier to programme their content.

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