Published On: November 25 , 2022Categories: Congress

The Valencia Conference Centre hosts the meeting for reflection on security and coexistence in cities.

Security and coexistence in our city.

The changing current situation in which we live has meant that today we are faced with realities never before experienced in Valencian and Spanish society. Multiple threats have emerged where the police presence is involved to resolve multiple complex scenarios. To solve these problems it is necessary to provide an appropriate legal framework by adapting the regulations and, above all, by covering all police actions with a patina of ethics and good practices that are good fit in an advanced society such as ours.


For this reason the Policia Local de Valencia (Valencia local police) have organised an exclusive meeting for professionals, at the Valencia Conference Centre on 1 – 2 December. The meeting will analyse the changing world, which is so different to everything we are familiar with, and look for places and moments to reflect on the role of police forces in this new challenge and on the legal framework in which we move.


This meeting, which will begin at 9am, will bring together a wide range of world-class experts, who will address issues such as jihadism, cybercrime, cybersecurity, global crime, localisms that also occur in other places, security management, etc. Specifically, there will be four main panels: The first: Security in a complex environment, the second: global threats; the third: security and coexistence in a new social context; fourth panel: new social demands, new legal framework.


In addition, the event will be inaugurated by the philosopher Adela Cortina Orts and many other distinguished people such as the Army Lieutenant General Francisco José Gan Pampols, the president of the Provincial Court of Valencia Esther Rojo Beltrán, the Commissioner of the National Police Corps Alfredo García Miravete, among many others.


Undoubtedly, a necessary assembly to learn and reflect on security and coexistence in Valencia.

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