Published On: June 5 , 2023Categories: Corporate, Featured, Sustainability, Valencia Conference Centre

Valencia Conference Centre celebrates World Environment Day

Today marks one year since the launch of our Good Practice Guide.

In addition to our aim of boosting the local economy through conference activities, our organisation is guided by our customer-orientated service and our social vocation. These values encourage us to make our activity compatible with reducing environmental impact generated in the community, through the careful use of resources. With the aim of achieving this goal, one year ago we created our Good Practice Guide, a document which aims to share our enthusiasm for encouraging healthy lifestyles and building sustainable behaviours into day-to-day living. At Valencia Conference Centre, we aspire to be an inspiration for the sector, thus contributing to the promotion of practices which are responsible and respectful toward the environment.

The adoption of eco-responsible practices in the organisation of events offers a range of important advantages. Both the negative social and environmental impacts potentially created by an event are reduced, thus promoting an space which is more sustainable and respectful towards the environment and giving added human and environmental value to the event. Some practical examples of this sustainable culture as fostered by the Centre are: digitalisation as an alternative to paper use, giving a new life to items used in stand construction or their recycling through waste separation at a recycling point, and the RECICLOS compensation system. Ecoembes has promoted this sustainable waste management, managing in one year more than 1200 kg of paper, cardboard and plastic, as well as more than 1000 cans and bottles.

In addition, each event can generate a benefit that transcends its completion. A good way to achieve a legacy in the city is to promote local employment and the city’s economy. How? There are many conferences that have opted to make Valencian traditions known in their congress programme thanks to the plantà of a falla, the performance of traditional dances, muixerangas, the tasting of orxata y fartons or even the experience of living an authentic Valencian mascletá at the gates of the venue.


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