Published On: December 14 , 2020Categories: Corporate

The Valencia Conference Centre’s final ‘sprint’ of the year!

We have held 19 events during the pandemic, most of them face-to-face

And we have won 13 bids during the pandemic!

This year has been an absolute rollercoaster. At the beginning of 2020, who would have guessed that a pandemic was about to hit and would mark the course of business for many months to come? And then, in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19, who would have said that we would be closing the year with 19 events under our belt, most of them face-to-face and hybrid, having submitted 47 bids and winning 12? And we must not forget the Centre’s impressive social contribution to the local community since the outbreak of the pandemic, hosting two blood donation days, organised by the Valencian Region’s Blood Transfusion Centre.

Over the last few months of the year, our activities have picked up speed. This final sprint is the result of various factors including the stringent safety measures that have been implemented in the building; our customers’ need to reconnect with people; our outstanding, totally  committed team and our cutting-edge technology, which has enabled us to adapt the venue to the new circumstances.  

Our customers have confirmed this after holding their congresses in the venue. José María Bonmatí, the Director of AECOC, who left his testimony during the 22nd AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress stated that “It is perfectly feasible to hold a face-to-face event, with the necessary safety measures in place, while maintaining a high level of safety in the conferences and in the encounters between the attendees.”

And less than a month later, AECOC returned to the Valencia venue with its 35th AECOC Consumer Congress. The AECOC Chairman, Javier Campo, also expressed his satisfaction publicly. The venue “has many access points, is easy to get to, has great infrastructure, is very simple to manage and makes contact with people easier, which for us is an essential part of our congress.”

Salvador Tranche, the Chairman of SEMFYC, also stated “I think it is a venue that meets our technological expectations, but above all, our human aspirations.”

During the Habitat 2020 Congress, Fernando Saludes, the Chairman of AIDIMME stated that, “this is the first time we have tried this virtual hybrid-face-to-face type of congress and we are extremely satisfied.” AIDIMME’s Head of Market Analysis, Vicente Sales, pointed out that, “the measures taken by the Conference Centre to deal with the COVID situation have, in my opinion, proved to be the best available in the current scenario.”

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