Published On: March 14 , 2022Categories: Corporate, Featured

Valencia Conference Centre Operations Area’s 5 Keys to a Successful Event

‘Building a team’ with organising companies is essential from the moment an event is closed right through to completion

The Conference Centre’s Operations Area, responsible for the production of events, breaks down its work from the first contact with clients

Before you read this post, we want to tell you we have drafted it (or at least tried to) with the same energy and enthusiasm we bring to our work in the Operations area every day. Wow!

Juan Antonio Peña, head of the department, together with his team of Amador Chicharro, Carlos Sánchez, Desiré Pardines, Hermi Canet, Lina Bueno, Mónica Lull and Sergio Roger, combine lots of skills at the same time. You can find out a little more about them here.

So let’s get down to business then.

What are the keys to a successful event?

1.Anticipation. Before meeting the organising company for the first time, we prepare an exhaustive analysis of previous editions at other venues and investigate their needs, to be able to adapt the spaces of the Valencia Conference Centre. We arrange a personalised visit in the event that the client comes to the city or, if not, we send a dossier of personalised services.

2.Coordination of areas. The collaboration between all areas of the Conference Centre is essential. The Operations area works on this basis from the moment the hosting of the event is confirmed until it is completed. Good communication, teamwork and inter-area coordination (commercial-operations) are essential to offer a personalised and comprehensive service to the organising company, from confirmation of the event right through to completion.

3.Integral production of the event. The Conference Centre is available to the organising company as the single contact to coordinate the implementation of all services needed for hosting an event. The area considers multiple sponsorship and commercial exposure options (you can see them in the Exhibitor Manual, which we have just launched), where sustainability is gaining more and more ground.

4.Planning of logistics services and coordination with suppliers. We then coordinate all the strategic partners involved in the organisation of the event (technical and audio-visual, IT services, hospitality, cleaning, security, maintenance, attendants, etc.) to ensure the event is a success. Most suppliers with whom we work are local, so we collaborate with the community for each event.

5.Execution of the event. Let’s go! And the day of the event arrives! The Operations Area coordinates the execution of the event to the smallest detail with the organising company. From first contact with the organising company right up to this day, the “opening”, one to two years can pass. It’s a laborious dedication on the part of the entire team at the Conference Centre to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and if any issues arise, to resolve them as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible.

Client satisfaction

These five keys have direct repercussions for the satisfaction of the organising company. The quality of the facilities, together with the planning and development of the event and the relationship with the Conference Centre team are the factors most valued by our public and it is these qualities that have earned us the Best World’s Best Convention Centre Award on two occasions.