Published On: August 6 , 2020Categories: Corporate

The Valencia Conference Centre, a safe building

Implementation of COVID-19 health, hygiene and safety measures

Maximum safety guaranteed for customers and the team

The month of September will mark the beginning of a new era in our history. Circumstances permitting, we will be resuming our activities and the Valencia Conference Centre will once again be staging a host of important events in the city.

Over the last few months, the team has worked closely with our strategic allies to get the building ready in terms of innovation and safety.  After a comprehensive study and close cooperation with the sector’s associations to establish action plans that guarantee event safety, the Centre has implemented procedures that encompass health and hygiene measures and the general recommendations established by the competent authorities in all areas.

What are the main measures we have implemented?

  1. General preventive measures
  • Mandatory use of face masks on the premises and ensuring social distancing is maintained in key areas.
  • The Centre has designed a highly visual and intuitive signage system that provides information on the health and hygiene measures required during the pandemic and encourages compliance with the recommendations throughout the building. This signage also identifies the directions for people flows in communal areas, mainly on the stairs, and in the exhibition area and the café. Digital signage has been prioritised throughout the building to display these recommendations.
  • We have installed hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the facilities.
  • Hygiene Points have been set up, with specific bins for the disposal of hygienically sensitive material (masks, gloves, tissues, …).
  1. External ventilation

Thanks to the adaptation of its air conditioning system, the building will provide maximum ventilation using external air.

  1. Creation of specific protocols for:

o Goods reception and collection

o Access to the facilities for ancillary event staff

o Isolation protocol for potential COVID cases

  1. Cleaning and disinfection

We have reinforced the cleaning schedule, as well as the cleaning staff for the continuous sanitisation of communal areas. Viricidal products will be used for the disinfection of all surfaces.

  1. General commitment

All the Centre’s strategic allies are also taking an active role in this commitment through the express acceptance of the safety measures implemented and will be providing appropriate training to their staff for the correct use and maintenance of the masks, gloves and PPEs they use.

If you need more information about our safety protocol, you can contact our team