Published On: December 23 , 2021Categories: Corporate

The Valencia Conference Centre team stars in ‘The much-deserving person of the month

The upturn in activity this year has been the key to this recognition

Would you like to get to know us in more detail?

The Valencia Conference Centre team works in unison, like two equal notes in a piece of music. The work of each colleague is particularly relevant if it is accompanied by the work of the rest of the team. Everything is all about our public, the service vocation to society and the major items by which our activity is arranged. Technology and innovation, sustainability, user experience, city and safety. Five major pillars which, together with the skills of the personnel, make our machinery work perfectly. A team dedicated to sustainability, to València, the city where it has the great pleasure of enjoying working, to technological investments and to how to offer a safe space.

Our manager, Sylvia Andrés, who leads the team with great optimism and confidence, emphasises that “during this financial year, the skills of each member of the personnel have come to the fore more intensely than ever before. I am really proud of being part of it.

And these are not only internally perceived skills. After holding their events at the Valencia Conference Centre, clients have highlighted “the positive treatment”, “the total predisposition”, “the strong involvement with the ambassador” and “the excellent communication with the team”. Valentini Amarantidou, executive director of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) even recently called it “one of the best meeting teams in Europe”. If you want to find out about more testimonials, you can check them out here

And all this happened throughout this year, when the activity began little by little until it increased considerably. In November alone, some 20 on-site events were held, attended by nearly 10,000 people. A final stretch that looks to next year with optimism, provided that the pandemic does not emerges stronger.