Published On: October 17 , 2023Categories: Featured

We are celebrating food day at the Valencia Conference Centre with THIS INCREDIBLE RECIPE BOOK!


At the Valencia Conference Centre, we have put in motion a project founded in innovation and knowledge that brings together Gastronomy 360º with the One Health concept for congress tourism to celebrate the Conference Centre’s 25th Anniversary. We have put together this incredible recipe book for you.

We want to create a memorable culinary experience that evokes emotion. We want to create an understanding between food, people, and culture. We want to do all this within the context of congresses. The culinary experience is an integral part of attending an event. Gastronomy 360º is used to describe a complete and holistic culinary experience that encompasses all aspects related to food, from its preparation to its presentation and consumption. It also included the culture, ambience and emotions associated with it.

Marrying flavours together incorporates the need to unite health and sustainability in the field of gastronomy for congress tourism. Projects such as this book are an excellent example of how an institution can not only adapt and look to the future, but also do so in a collaborative and transparent manner, so that other people and organisations can benefit from its experience, be inspired, and even build upon it.

Regarding the other pillar of this project, at the Valencia Conference Centre we incorporated the integrative and unifying approach known as One Health. We want to create food with seven key concepts in mind: Safe, Sustainable, Healthy, Satisfactory, Social, Solidarity, and Gastronomical Sovereignty

The book was idea of CEMAS, Lluyís Alcanyís Foundation, University of Valencia, and the Valencia Conference Centre. It all forms part of Plan BonProfit, an initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition of the Valencia Region, whose technical agenda is being promoted by the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA) and with the full involvement of Gourmet Catering, exclusive supplier of the Valencia Conference Centre.

Start enjoying our culinary culture and make your dishes become an authentic and memorable experience.