Published On: September 28 , 2022Categories: Corporate

We continue to commit to innovation

Improvements in IT network facilities, strengthening wireless connections and redesigning spaces are some of our new proposals from the Conference Centre

The 2022 financial year has been a year of change in which we have returned to in-person meetings and conferences, adapting to new trends. The best ally we have in order for us to continue along these lines is our commitment to digitalisation and sustainability.

In terms of digitalisation, we have improved facilities in the IT network and external cabling to provide maximum performance for events. To do so To do this, we have taken as our starting point the adaptation to the new needs that have arisen in the sector, our challenge being to go beyond the expectations of our public.

Thanks to the presence of more Wi-Fi antennas in the exhibition areas, we have managed to increase coverage in points which are key for the organisation of events, such as the sign in area in the auditoriums. In addition, the entire IT system in the building has been electronically connected to the main Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), so interruptions in sessions in the rooms are avoided if there is a drop in electricity supply.

Want more? Although there is no noticeable change aesthetically, the fibre optic connection has also been extended and thanks to the new cabling, we have managed to increase the reliability of the connections of the devices located in the exhibition area, also saving assembly time for stands.

And we have not forgotten our commitment to sustainability, so the efficient use of resources has been prioritised, with motion sensors and LED lighting in renovated areas, such as the bathrooms located in Multi-purpose rooms 1.

We will continue improving!