Published On: March 28 , 2024Categories: Corporate, Featured, Valencia Conference Centre

We design experiences

Discover in this testimonial video the opinions of those responsible for the main events held over the last year

At the Valencia Conference Centre, every event becomes an unforgettable experience. In this audiovisual piece, you will get to know first-hand the opinions of those responsible for the main events that have taken place at our venue in recent months. Do you want to know five things that stand out from their experience?

  1. The comfort and functionality of the venue. We work every day to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the events, in total comfort and without having to be concerned about physical barriers or limitations.
  2. Innovation. At the Valencia Conference Centre, innovation is part of our DNA. Our centre is equipped with the latest audiovisual and communication technology which allows us to offer a modern and dynamic environment that facilitates the organisation of events of all kinds.
  3. Gastronomy. Our culinary offering is adapted to the needs of each event, maintaining the quality and Mediterranean personality while promoting sustainable and, above all, healthy food. With fresh and local ingredients, we offer balanced and nutritious options that promote the wellbeing of visitors, while always bearing in mind taste and quality.
  4. Climate. Valencia’s 300 days of sunshine a year mean that events held at our venue can enjoy the outdoors almost all year round, which gives a special touch to every experience.
  5. Connections. Valencia has a broad transport network. It is connected to 90 airports and 11 hubs and is 90 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train. Moreover, the Conference Centre is particularly accessible, as it is located seven minutes from the airport and eight minutes from the city centre and the AVE high-speed train station.

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