Published On: September 15 , 2022Categories: Corporate

We inaugurate two thousand new seats

A proposal focused on well-being and efficiency which incorporates innovation, style and quality


The seats at the Conference Centre are considered to be one of the key parts of the building, as it is where the audience spends the most time and where they savour much of the event experience. For this reason, we have improved our facilities, renovating the furniture of the main auditoriums after twenty-four years of use.

Since September, the Centre has provided two thousand new seats in auditoriums 1 and 2. In Auditorium 1, smart white and grey upholstery contrasts with the black carpets and folding tables concealed in the armrests, which in addition to being generously sized, stand out for their accessibility of use for left-handed people and pregnant women. In Auditorium 2, the colour green takes centre stage for the seats which rest on a dark brown background, to produce a cheerful and bold ensemble with connotations of sustainability.

In both cases, the seats are spacious, with measurements greater than standard size. Their dimensions improve visibility of the stage. They are also ergonomic, with high quality breathable fabric. The sides of each seat go to the floor, lending the seat greater solidity and facilitating cleaning. The upright design of the seat, the trapezoidal sides and the absence of elements that impede the passage between rows, offer a perspective of curved lines and clean aisles, which can be comfortably circulated through. The result is a proposal focused on well-being and efficiency which incorporates innovation, style and quality

Apart from being smart and comfortable, without a doubt we must also highlight their functionality. The amount of time (and money) saved in the mounting and dismounting of the seats in this project is considerable. All aspects of the design have been considered to obtain maximum efficiency and satisfaction for the customer.

As such, the new seats enhance the excellent characteristics of the rooms, for example, the acoustics, turning it into a new experience for the senses. The project was completed with the installation of lighting in the passages to identify the exit routes in emergency situations or in low lighting.

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