Published On: February 3 , 2021Categories: Corporate

What does the Valencia Conference Centre team expect from 2021?

We aim to strengthen our commitment to society, create new experiences, and bridge the gap... Take a look at our self-portrait!

The team reflects on the new skills that have emerged during the pandemic and share their expectations for the coming months

With 2020 behind us and 2021 just getting into its stride, the Valencia Conference Centre team has drawn the following picture – we could call it a self-portrait!

First of all, 2020 is now behind us. It was a challenging but interesting year, with the pandemic putting us to the test and leaving its mark on our operations. However, despite the adversities, we ended December with 77% of the business we had in March, we submitted 93 bids to hold events (more than half during the pandemic) and we won a total of 17 bids. This makes us optimistic for 2021.

This is confirmed by our Managing Director, Sylvia Andrés, who heads the team with boundless optimism and conviction, alongside our strategic partners. “We have grown stronger and the skills of all our team members, such as creativity, perseverance, versatility, working together, commitment and the desire to excel, have flourished more than ever before. I’m really proud to be part of this.

What do we expect from 2021?

The Conference Centre team lets us in on their ambitions and aims for the year: “we hope to be able to bridge the gap”, “overcome the pandemic”, “continue working on projects so we are fully prepared for the second half of the year, when things will gradually return to normal” and “to be able to meet up again without restrictions, to move around, to come and go freely, but safely.”

The current situation makes us aware of the limitations, but also of the need for physical contact: “we are sociable creatures by nature and what makes up happiest is being with our friends and nurturing personal relations.” The team is confident that progress in 2021 will bring us closer to what we had before, “picking up the pace of events and enjoying the good vibes we get from people when they come to a congress or conference”, ” creating stories that excite and inspire again” and “looking forward to new horizons that are yet to come“. Ultimately, we hope “that this will be the year where we can really achieve some semblance of normality and materialise our customers’ desire to hold events.

To achieve this goal, we are more than happy to continue working hard, “reinforcing team spirit”, “our commitment to the environment”, “contributing to a happier world”, and are confident that science and technology, whose ideas and advances are so often discussed in our venue, will help us to succeed.

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