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Why a conference centre in Valencia?

“MICE tourism is a key part of the tourism industry".

The average amount spent by someone travelling for business is 3 times higher than that spent by a traditional tourist. According to the World Tourism Organization, “MICE tourism is a key part of the tourism industry”.

The fact remains that congresses hold the distinctive ability to elevate the economy of our respective destinations. These events have both direct and indirect consequences. Organising a congress entails managing a vast array of personnel and logistics: transportation, catering, technical support, room maintenance, security, and cleaning. Meanwhile, attendees also engage in leisure activities, go shopping, and explore the city. Typically, congress-goers are professionals with greater economic means than typical sun-loving tourists. They stay in three- or four-star accommodations and frequent restaurants.

However, the benefits of hosting such gatherings extend beyond that. Most congresses take place in the spring and autumn, which helps to spread out tourism throughout the year and reduce seasonal activity. They attract professionals from around the globe to exchange ideas and share advances in science, health, and culture. It is often the case that these visitors return with their families or friends after having had a positive experience, leading to a multiplier effect on the destination’s tourism.

Valencia is currently well placed in relation to conferences, ranking 28th in Europe. Its good quality-to-price ratio, cuisine, climate, accommodation, transport connections, and specialised infrastructure, such as the Valencia Conference Centre, boasting cutting-edge technology and national and international competitiveness, are crucial factors in maintaining the city’s appeal for hosting events and enhancing brand recognition.

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