Published On: July 22 , 2019Categories: Congress

The world’s latest breakthroughs in nanomedicine are showcased at the Valencia Conference Centre

With half a century of history behind it and 1,200 delegates, the Controlled Release Society is holding its annual meeting in Spain for the first time

Ada Yonath, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is one of the many speakers

It is the world’s leading scientific society for controlled release drugs, including nanomedicine, and is holding its annual meeting in Spain for the first time.

Until Wednesday 24 July, the Controlled Release Society (CRS) is presenting in our building the scientific and technological breakthroughs in controlled drug release, diagnostic strategies and the latest, most precise and safest treatments for patients.

At the 46th CRS Annual Meeting & Exposition, international experts from around the world will be showcasing their advances in new treatments with cell therapies, new biomarkers, biomaterials and drugs; the most recent research in regenerative medicine; new generations of antibiotics and polymers; and the latest in specific treatments in areas such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, paediatrics and neurological pathologies.

On 23 July, Ada Yonath, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and an authority on antibiotics, is to speak at the plenary session entitled “The Ribosome – a Connection between the Prebiotic Origin of Life and Next Generation Antibiotics”.

For the first time in its history the society is chaired by a Spaniard, María José Alonso, who is a professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela and a pioneer in Spain in pharmaceutical nanotechnology.

The meeting’s scientific organisation is headed by María Jesús Vicent, chief investigator at the CIPF Therapeutic Polymers Laboratory and a leading expert in polymeric nanopharmaceutical development.

The CRS is a not-for-profit scientific society which brings together a thousand scientists, engineers, pharmacists, doctors, chemists, biologists and biotechnologists from academia, research and industry.